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Rob  Mosby

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Hello, My name is Robert Mosby. I always like to know a little about the people I do business with so I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.

I am formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio and now reside in Sarasota, Florida. I have been in the oriental rug business since 1969. I have always operated on a wholesale "to the trade" basis in the past, and now thanks to the internet I am able to bring my collection of fine rugs to the public.

I began my career 35 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio working for
Richard Markarian Oriental Rugs. Since the 1930's, Mr. Markarian was and still is considered to be one of the most respected names in the
oriental rug community. Although he is no longer with us, his remarkable collection of the worlds finest antique oriental rugs is still intact and available to view through his foundation. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to handle, purchase and study some of the best examples of antique rugs from all regions of the world and to learn my trade from an old master. After five very informative years I left Markarians to pursue my own wholesale operation and have been
buying and selling fine rugs since.

In my 35 years in the business, I have met and established a good
reputation with many dealers throughout the country. Most well
established dealers would know me by name.

As for my business ethics...they are simple...If you buy a rug and
you don't like it for any reason, return it, for a prompt 100% refund. I
am very knowledgeable about oriental rugs and I'm always available to
answer questions about my rugs or to offer suggestions about other

I deal strictly in handmade, one of a kind oriental rugs. I travel all over the world to handpick the rugs I sell.  Please feel free to contact me if your interest is in Antique or Tribal rugs or use the Link to Ebay, where I showcase a selection of antique rugs which change weekly.

Today, I would like to introduce you to my collection of what I believe to be the most beautiful textile art woven in the world today. These rugs are woven by Afghani refugees in the Northwestern Provinces of Pakistan by the Khyber Pass. This is some of the hardest, most barren
landscape that you could possibly imagine. Out of this stony environment these weavers find peace utilizing skills that go back 1000's of years to produce these beautifully designed works of art. Throughout the region you see sheep grazing that later produce the quality hand spun and hand carded wools for these rugs. The particular rugs which I sell use all vegetable dyes formulated in the traditional ways.

I believe these hand knotted rugs are of the finest quality using
the best wools and dyes available in the world today. The colors and
designs are reminiscent of the great weavers of the past. There is a
very limited number of large room size rugs being woven of this quality
in this region. I have contracted with the weavers to purchase all the
room size rugs they can produce. I cannot specify design or color or
size requirements- I can only happily accept what comes from their

There are other lesser quality rugs from this region being sold on
the internet and in stores. I insist you check out some other sources. I
guarantee you will not find anyone selling rugs of this quality and knot
count for less than Afghan Rugs.

I hope my efforts will not go unnoticed in bringing these beautiful
rugs to the attention of the American public. I firmly believe these
rugs will be some of the most sought after antiques of tomorrow.

I am proud to be able to offer the finest quality Afghan Rugs at a
very reasonable price.

Thanks for viewing and please feel free to address any questions
you may have to me.

Robert Mosby

Phone:  941-925-1025